Best preschool in guwahati

We based our results on three factors1. The Method of teaching 2. The teachers 3. The Decision Maker

Method of teaching

Montessori or Reggio Emilia?

Play vs traditional methods?

Sensory learning?

The teacher

Lesson delivery

How does the teacher think?

Is the teacher paid well?

Does the teacher love teaching?


The Decision

Execution matters

With good content & teachers, what matters is execution.

Good business owners make or break the entire process.

1. Culture club, zoo road

Balanced between Montessori & Reggio Emilia

Highly trained teachers

Founders are parents & involved in day to day operations

The atelier

Number two

Focuses on Reggio Emilia

Founders backed by a experienced brand of high school

Highly trained teachers

MARIA MONTESSORI House of children


Focuses on Montessori

Old brand with experience


Wondering, are you? We haven't included any big brands as the feedback we have received in unanimous:1. Students are cramped in small spaces 2. Focus on rote learning 3. Poorly trained staff

Thank You