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This is not a sales promotion. It is just our observation of how things stand and a quick guide to empower parents to make an informed decision. So let’s begin!

How we teach in our City?

The Good

  • You have a lot of choices.
  • The standards of preschooling have improved in the last 5 years.
  • Low cost of preschooling.

The Bad

  • Preschools lack basic necessities like qualified teachers & a safe environment.
  • Preschools tend to focus more on studies than play.
  • Preschools are generally owned by franchisees so there is a lack of quality.

Every child is unique. So are their parents and what they want from the school. The philosophy we follow is for our content and impartation techniques to be balanced between theoretical studies and play-based learning thus catering to a wide variety of needs. Both the worlds of learning have their own merits and demerits and a balance between these provide the child with an opportunity to become learners of life.

What to look for?

  • A good curriculum. Talk about what & how they teach & which curriculum is followed. The more questions you ask the more informed you will be.
  • Good management & teachers. Interact with the management & teachers and get a feel of how their personalities match up to your standards.
  • A nurturing & safe infrastructure. The environment should be spacious and colourful filled with objects the child can explore.
  • Learning through play. Find out if play-based learning is encouraged in the school and to what level. Generally, every preschool will inculcate play-based learning but as per our research a balance between play-based and theoretical learning is the best way to go forward,

It’s your choice, but its a very important one. Your child starts learning through social interactions thus being in a preschool conducive to social learning with good teachers and an impressive infrastructure armed with a good developmental curriculum is paramount to your child’s learning.

Here is an article related to this post we think will help you out further. At CC we have an open-door policy of admissions throughout the year please do reach out to our front desk if you feel we are a good fit. A Parent’s Quandary of Choice – What’s best for my child?

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