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Top Recommended schools for overall child development

Seeking admission for your child in a CBSE School but don’t know which school to choose?


Well, you’re not alone. There are tens of thousands out there who want to get their youngsters admitted in the best CBSE Schools of Guwahati. However, certain factors make them select the wrong schools for their kids and teenagers.

Having said that, let’s quickly take a dig at top 5 schools in Guwahati as per CBSE results and what actually parents choose and why:

Schools listed below as per CBSE results:

  • Kendriya Vidalaya, Narangi: Established in 1971, this Day School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE. Based out of Narangi, this school comprises of four sections each for Class I to X b) +2 levels with 2 in Science, 1 Commerce and 1 Humanities Stream. With 95 students passed out of 98 in Class XII and 100% students passed in Class X for 2014-2015, it surely is a fabulous school for parents seeking best CBSE curriculum for their young ones.
  • Army Public School, Basistha: Situated in Dispur, the Army Public School Basistha is focused towards offering a holistic child development from Primary to Higher Secondary Level. Affiliated to CBSE, this school recorded an API of 147.67 in Class XII Board Results. Even Class X Results had a high-performance percentage.
  • Guwahati Public School: Started off its operation in 1982, Guwahati Public School succeeded to secure CBSE affiliation in 1998 for Secondary Education and Senior Secondary Education in 1992 because of its status and position that it acquired through its meritorious results. The Class X and Class XII CBSE Results recorded a 99% pass percentage for 2014-2015.
  • Sboa Public School: Talk of top CBSE schools in Guwahati and Sboa Public School does not get listed…Impossible!! Having started with 8 students and three classes in August 1994, the school today has acquired a status of “Best CBSE School in the city”. With a 100% passing percentage in all the three streams of Class XII, the school strictly follows the CBSE guidelines, curriculum and calendar.
  • Maria’s Public School: Having begun with only one child in 1988, Maria’s Public School is present-day’s fastest growing school of Guwahati. Not only did Class X record a 100% pass percentage but Class XII students also achieved 100% pass score in their respective streams: Science, Humanities and Commerce.

However, as stated above, parents seem to be choosing other schools in Guwahati namely Delhi Public School, Don Bosco, Royal Global School, Holy Child, Gems NPS International being the top choices.”

We are a Premier Preschool in Guwahati, Assam


Everything, from our fingerprints to our personalities, is unique. A child’s learning abilities are no different. So is our pedagogy.

Learning Stages

Our classes are called “Stages” of two-year duration each & cater to age groups as per a varied approach towards teaching.

Let’s see what all factors go into their selection and why:


On average a couple has two school-going kids and paying their school fees often becomes difficult for them if it’s outside their reach. Even, if they do so, they end up withdrawing their ward’s name from the school. So, affordability is one factor that stops them from picking the right school for their ward!


Well, there’s no catch in it. Even schools seem to absorb children who lie in their neighbourhood or close proximity. And, parents also want the same.

Fashion Fad

For those who can afford it, it has become more of a fashion fad to send their kids to an international school with high fee structures which actually is not right for the child.

Overlooking Curriculum

Lack of knowledge about CBSE curriculum often results in parents going for ICSE board or IGSCE board, since for them all boards are same.


Last but certainly not the least, feedback from parents whose kids have been or are a part of the school crowd usually plays a crucial role in new registrations.

Top Choices As Per CC

  • Sanskirti – The Gurukul
    • Unlike many schools in Guwahati STG is a day boarding school which offers academics along with various other activities for its students such as art, dance and music. STG has been doing consistently well in terms of academic results and the quality of education provided.
  • Sarla Birla Gyan Jyoti
    • Since 2004, Sarla Birla has been performing very well in the higher secondary examinations due to their dedicated staff backed by a good management team.  Being far away from the city, the school has abundant space for plush infrastructure.
  • Royal Global School
    • As one of the newest entrants in the market, RGB offers state of the art infrastructure including digital & air-conditioned classrooms, hi-tech labs, cafeteria etc. RGB involves a lot of fresh talent as their teaching and managing staff and has hence been able to provide a cutting-edge outlook to education.
  • Maharishi Vidya Mandir
    • As one of the older schools in Guwahati, Maharishi holds a very good reputation among parents. The school focuses equally on academics as well as extra-curricular activities. The students of Maharishi are often among the state toppers and participate very actively in inter-school competitions.
  • Don Bosco School
    • Since 1948 Don Bosco School has been the most sought-after school in Guwahati, mainly because of its high quality of teachers. The method of teaching over here is very straightforward and that’s the reason why many of its alumni have today become eminent personalities of the society.


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