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A five-step process to complete Bliss. Please have a look around. Don’t be shy!

At CC we follow an open door policy for admissions, and, thus, we do not have fixed schedules for them. Parents go through our steps to ensure a perfect match for you

and to make sure we offer services that are valuable in your eyes and worthy of your child’s invaluable time.

Questions before Admission

What is the appropriate age for admissions?

We recommend that your child starts developmental activities in a social learning environment at the age of 2 years. But a few other factors might influence your decision like the date of birth, the schooling year etc. For formal schooling, the recommended age of admission is 6-year-old, so you can pace your child’s preschool years as per this.

What is your education system?

In our teaching style, we focus mainly on developing emotional, social, reasoning skills, inventive thinking. In simple terms, we focus on making the child an inquisitive learner through or play-based foundational curriculum. We divide students between two stages namely Foundational & Pragmatic with different pedagogies.

What curriculum do you follow?

Our curriculum is called “Foundational Curriculum”, and it’s a mixture of Montessori & Reggio Emilia ways of teaching. See what inspires us.

How a class is conducted?

For the foundational stage, apart from the fixed arrival and departure time, we do not schedule anything. These classes are led by the child, thus making it a play-centred learning environment. For the pragmatic stage, we do have scheduled lessons and activities where students are transitioned for a more formal learning environment while balancing play-based learning. Class details can be found here.

How many teachers are in one class?

The number of teachers in a class depends on a lot of factors, but as a general rule, we have a teacher-student ratio of 12:1.

What is the fee you charge?

As a policy, we do not disclose the fee details over the phone or anywhere else. For details regarding the same, you have to visit our school.

Questions After Your First Visit

Will i be able to see what my child is doing?

All parents are provided access to our live feed via WhatsApp.

What happens when my child is inconsolable?

This is a common occurrence for younger children and a familiar scene at the start of our session. In 90% of the cases, distraction works and the child will be fine, but in exceptional circumstances, if nothing pacifies the child, we ask parents to come in and pick up the child.

How do I make payments for your service?

All payments can be made via our secure payment gateway through PayU. We accept all major debit & credit cards and net banking too. Easy EMI options are also available through this gateway.

Payment Link

How is the school session scheduled?

Our school session is scheduled from April to March with a holiday list handed over at the time of admissions.

How do i get relevant information regarding my child?

We have relevant WhatsApp groups & we do provide all support through our office number on WhatsApp, i.e. 73990-45678.