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Activites your child will love.

The kids’ activity classes are fantastic! Fun, educational, and engaging. My child loves attending and always looks forward to them.

Activities for young minds to engage.

Engaging learner’s in various activities.

Chess Classes

Ages 4+, helps develop concentration, strategic thinking, problem-solving, patience, discipline, creativity, critical thinking, social skills.

Self Defence – MMA

Ages 6+, helps develop discipline, self-confidence, physical fitness, self-defense skills, respect, focus, coordination, resilience, teamwork, stress relief.

Guitar Classes

Ages 5+, helps develop creativity, discipline, fine motor skills, self-expression, cognitive development, patience, focus, coordination, musicality, confidence.

Rhythm n Rhyme

Ages 6m+, helps language development, phonemic awareness, creativity, memory, social skills, coordination, musicality, listening skills, cognitive growth, fun learning.

Drawing Classes

Ages 4+, helps develop creativity, fine motor skills, self-expression, focus, patience, visual-spatial skills, confidence, problem-solving, cognitive development, stress relief.

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