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About Culture Club

Discover What Kick Started The Idea of CC

A parent’s dream of “better”

As parents, we want to give our children the best resources possible, and the best revelations often come after we’ve been entrusted with the responsibilities of motherhood. We came across this while looking for a loving start to our little girl’s learning adventure. No preschool brand inspired us in 2012, especially when compared to Western society’s standards. We founded Culture Club because we wanted a better future for our children and future generations.

Silky & Nikhil – Founders at Culture Club

CC’s Story

Our accomplishments over the last five years are a reflection of the people that work for you. Many people have helped CC become a modern educational leader by contributing to it.

The delight and gratification we derive from teaching is the true cause for our success. These emotions are unlike any other sensation in the world. It’s incredible to watch such tiny children bloom.

We’ve reached significant milestones along the way, which we’ll highlight next.

Our Journey so Far

We started our 1st school at Zoo Road, now our Head Office.
We formally started our first activity session.
We received rave reviews & mentions in the media for our outstanding work.
Launched 'The Little Gym'
Silky Mozika | Nikhil Mozika | Founders

What matters to us & what we do?

Learning is a part of life. We believe that our students should take advantage of every opportunity that education provides them and help to propel this great country to new heights. We honestly feel that a strong educational foundation is the only way to truly elevate the spirits of our beautiful country.

What We Do
  • Content Management
  • Class Observation
  • Child Observation
  • Content Innovation
  • Parent Counselling
  • Teacher Training
  • Brain Storming
  • Team Growth
Our Social Profiles

To perceive the future, our past must be known. We at CC scheme our content impartation strategy with fine symmetry between the traditional methods of schooling & the modern concept of learning through play so that our children grasp the right path for the education before them. Our balanced curriculum provides them with the right emotional strength while tinkering with the unexplored intellect of every child.

We believe education in our country needs upliftment & evolution along with technology is going to be the saviour for our children. Having said that, we also firmly trust our roots of education & will always strive for the symmetry in our classrooms.

A simple mission but a herculean task.

We want our students to be explorers, risk-takers, thinkers & challenge every boundary the society has set up for them so that seeking knowledge becomes their way of life! Knowledge gives us the capability to think beyond & do what’s improbable. It empowers young souls to make challenging decisions, which in turn opens up an entire world of opportunities for them. A brilliant mind with a strong will is oblivious to impossibility.

Our mission here is to provide young minds with immeasurable knowledge so that they can make these critical life-changing decisions while encouraging them to do good in this world. In the eventuality, when we glance back and ponder our accomplishments, we think nothing can be more gratifying than that.

According to surveys, our country ranks 92 among 145 countries in Education. Should we worry?

We should, for our future depends on it. We at CC want to change education & this is our humble effort to change how our children approach education. Through our research-driven approach & incorporating multiple disciplines

of learning, we are trying to move an inch closer to becoming a place where the real meaning of education is “LEARNed”

Our Awards & Accolades.

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