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Soon after you plot the next step in the evolution of your new conjugality you are overwhelmed with one of the most significant responsibilities that you will handle in your life and that is "your child's education"

Decisions like “family planning” are never simple and nothing in life can prepare you for this. it’s something you have to exist through, experience the pleasure & agony of being a parent or shaping to be one.

This article is addressing questions on how to choose the best pre-school for your child which simplifies the 1st phase of your most important responsibility so here we go, folks.

Firstly why is preschool education so valuable?

Let’s say that you successfully completed a bachelors degree using your conventional wisdom. What is the value of that today? It won’t even land you a decent enough job, so essentially, this means a dedicated life of 20 years worth of learning isn’t meriting anything, right? It ain’t so gloomy because we surmise knowledge in the wrong way. We think of it as

Study => Excel => Happy Life

But we at CC consider learning as an infinite process, so the CC way of learning is:

Curiosity = Automated Learning = Happy Life


5 reasons why PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION is very important!

  1. 90% of a child’s brain manifests before the age of 5, you would desire to use this to your advantage.
  2. You will secure the RIGHT start of a ‘long’ learning journey.
  3. You will sow the conceptual seeds of learning EARLY.
  4. You will PREPARE your child for the long ride ahead.

What to look for?

  1. Look for content & systems which drive the curiosity quotient & promote exploratory learning.
  2. Talk to the educators & gaze at their reasoning.
  3. Look for modern educational materials & teacher aiding resources which will prepare the learners of tomorrow.
  4. To say the least, the school should have a safe & nurturing environment.
  5. An outdoor play area is a valuable asset.

What your aim should be for these crucial 4 years?

  1. Raise an inquisitive child!
  2. Always encourage questions!
  3. Explain things in touch with reality!
  4. Promote multiple language skills!
  5. Ensure body language & personality development!

I hope this article will be a good start for you to do your research & do the best you can for your child everything else will take care of itself. Do reach out to us at [email protected] for further discussions or any questions you may have.

For your research!

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