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There is an underrated proverb “Education Begins At Home” which is considerably simple in its meaning but has vast consequences if done wrong.

Below suggested are 6 things that we parents get wrong most of the time & how to correct them. So here we go:


  • Not reading with your child – We are social animals guided by the habits we acquire as we grow old, and it’s these habits that go a long way in determining what or who we become later on in life. Reading with your child generates a very fruitful habit & enhances your child’s imagination. A good old book still does the trick better than the iPads & kindles we own. So pick up a good read & start reading to your child.
  • Giving mixed signals – I have seen instances where the parents want their child to converse in a certain language but they themselves don’t use it. The problem in this situation is that the child gets mixed signals as on one hand he/she is supposed to converse in a distinct language but he/she sees the opposite happening, same holds true for swearing or any bad manners you might see originating in your child. More or less it’s a result of setting a bad precedent that provides mixed signals to the child and confuses him/her.
  • Where is the free time -Remember that day at work which took quite a toll on you because of the workload, this same thing can happen to a child too so make sure you provide enough free time for the child to be creative & engage in the productive use of time like a dance form or drawing activity. Nowadays television takes up the free time the child has but it’s not “productive” as the child is limited in his/her imagination and very less brain activity happens, on the other hand, an imaginative activity makes the child think, innovate, imagine & produce the results making up for excellent use of his/her brainpower. It’s like a workout for the brain.
  • Twisted answers – You must have faced an uncomfortable moment when your child would have asked you a question that made you uncomfortable right? We all have faced the same awkwardness but behind all these questions lies an opportunity to teach, the only thing you have to do is to provide age-appropriate answers to the child. If you don’t, you give power to all the other sources your child might look up the information in. The little inquisitive brain will explore and find the answers it seeks.
  • Unmoderated Content Delivery – Technology is a boon no one can argue that but providing an untrained mind with all that unfiltered content through the internet, television is pure immorality. The best thing to do with “technology” is to moderate it. Facilities like child-lock on DTH services or cable set-top boxes, router or modem with parental controls, parental control software on desktops or laptops will go a long way in limiting the exposure for your child.
  • Procrastination – This dreaded word always takes a toll on the genuine deeds we think we will do but don’t let it overpower you. The above points will ensure a safe & nurturing environment for your child at home thus ensuring proper development & fulfilment of the promise of ‘being a parent’. Try and implement one idea at a time and be sure to leave a comment with the results.

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